Just want to let this off my chest...
Published on June 9, 2012 By justsayin In Home & Family

New blog! This'll be fun...

I just want to start this off by saying, I'm not really a negative type of person. It's just that things have been a little off lately and I need a place where I can say what I feel --- I mean, what I REALLY feel and not be judged or crucified for it.

I never thought I’d be in a situation like this ever again, it’s not like I didn’t bring this upon myself, but I have had my share of bad experiences due to my inability to contain myself. Gossips are fun, not to everyone, I know, but it’s a guilty pleasure a lot of people share. They say people with small minds discuss other people, this may be true, but when is gossip really just gossip?

Based on the actual definition, it is the malicious spreading of lies about other people, but when do you separate the lies from the actual truths? I think to everyone, this is different, sure we talk about other people behind their backs and some people just don't have the self control to just keep it to themselves but what actually happened in my situation is that the evidence was/is overwhelming. It's just there - all the things that was said and done justifies this so-called GOSSIP. I'm not gonna go into details, after all, I kinda made a promise I'd shut up about this, but this is why I feel so bad about it. Don't get me wrong, I know what I did was bad, but I f*cking hate other people that wash their hands of what happened and just blame poor little me when the sh*t hit the fan. I'm taking responsibility for what I did, but how about them? Who takes responsibility that they had a hand in this? They had everything to do with it and yet they won't own up to it! Effin' hipocrites!!!

So now, I made a promise to myself and to a friend of mine that I have learned my lesson, I won't talk sh*t about people anymore, this blog will be my tool, my VENT-ing machine. I'll put everything in here so I won't feel so bad at the end of the day, gotta get bad things/bad thoughts/bad vibes off my chest. whooozaaaaa.

on Jun 11, 2012



Good luck with that whole getting people to take responsibility thing.  Half the adults in this country are on the public tit.  So, personal responsibility isn't exactly "standard" practice in our culture.  And becoming less so as time scratches away the years.

on May 20, 2014

Yeah, I'm with you. We can't say anything about anything without being scourged, being made a pariah, sexist, racist, homophobe, etc.

Listen, at least this place so far, will let us have actual freedom of speech, unlike other places, which will ban you or shut you down anyway they can for anything they can, for they run the site. I would rather have someone say what is really on their mind and let it fly, and have an adult discourse with a back and forth dialogue, instead of an immediate shut down by moderators (sanitizers).

I , like you, am sick of pretending all is well and we mustn't offend anyone by way of speech. FUCK THAT SHIT.

It is high time people begin speaking the truth and loud and clear, and if it offends someone, fine, let's have it out then.

Gee, I feel better already.........kind of.